Anthem Patch 1.04 Bugs Backlash

Really? Are we really doing this again? After just a few hours of relative optimism, the ANTHEM community is already going mental over the game's latest patch. Update 1.04 launched yesterday evening, promising improvements to loot and (gasp!) the removal of a particularly annoying loading screen. It all sounded great on paper, but in practice, BioWare's broken more stuff. Again.

A single trip over to the game's Reddit page or a quick search for the game on social media reveals one thing: a lot of players ain't happy. Numerous issues are being reported, ranging all the way from totally broken matchmaking and bugged loot drops to comically bad (and hopefully accidental) gameplay changes.

The most common problem right now appears to be that when other players pick up loot, it's also added to your inventory. Not necessarily a bad thing -- maybe a teammate picks up an item that you missed -- but according to BioWare, this is a bug that's under investigation. How do you even manage to bug something out like this in the first place?

Next up, players are saying that their thrusters are overheating far faster than they were before the patch, meaning that they can no longer fly for very long at all before having to land and cool off. It seems to be another bug introduced alongside the latest update.

And then it's back to loot, with some claiming that drops from tougher enemies and bosses seem to have actually gotten worse. The patch was supposed to tweak activities like strongholds so that they rewarded players with better quality loot, but it appears to have somehow lessened the chance of receiving masterwork or legendary items. Instead, players are being showered with potentially useless crafting materials and significantly weaker blue or purple gear. You couldn't make this up.

We could double the length of this article by listing every newly discovered bug or gameplay issue that we've read about, but we'll just let you see the chaos with your own eyes. All you've got to do is check out ANTHEM on Reddit.

Now we just have to wait for BioWare to issue an update to fix this update, and that update will probably introduce more bugs and pave the way for another update. The cycle continues, but at this point, we're not sure how sustainable it is.