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A new day brings with it yet another issue with ANTHEM, and today's takes the form of players over on Reddit discovering that the weapons you obtain at the very beginning of the game deal more damage than Masterwork guns once you reach the endgame.

We haven't had chance to test this in-game ourselves and without any word from BioWare, we can't yet call this official, but the footage below is pretty damning.

The clip shows Reddit user beatpeet42 using a legendary Ralners Blaze with a 225% damage modifier as he lays some potshots into an enemy, and then switching to the level 1 Defender assault rifle and dealing more damage than the high-end gun weapon does. It's an absolutely bizarre discovery that completely invalidates the entire point of the game: to gather the best loot available. Why would anyone need to seek out legendary gear when the guns they started the campaign with deal more damage after damage scaling upon reaching level 30?

Truly incredible, what do you make of this? Was ANTHEM designed to be this way, or is it yet another glitch that needs fixing? Debate things in the comments below.

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