ANTHEM PS4 PlayStation 4 Crash Bug Patch Update

An issue was recently discovered within EA's troubled sci-fi shooter, ANTHEM. Many players have reported a bug in the game that causes their PlayStation 4 to crash, and in some cases, break altogether. BioWare has been working with Sony to resolve the problem, and it sounds like a fix is on the way soon.

The developer's head of live service, Chad Robertson, took to Twitter once again to provide an update on the situation. Essentially, a patch will arrive on PS4 next week, and one of the fixes should eliminate this particularly nasty bug. He also states that there have been no cases of bricked PS4s, which runs against claims of some unfortunate ANTHEM users.

According to producer Ben Irving, the patch will also aim to fix another recently discovered bug, whereby low level weaponry is far stronger than it should be. It's good to see BioWare is working hard to remedy these issues, although we fear it has some way to go yet.