The Division 2 How to Change Your Character's Appearance Guide 1

Once you've created your character, how do you change your appearance? Can you change your appearance in The Division 2? You can indeed, but you'll need to make a decent amount of progress through the game before you can make any changes.

How to Change Your Character's Appearance in The Division 2

You'll be able to change your appearance about halfway through The Division 2's campaign. Once you've reached level 15 and unlocked the Campus settlement, fast travel there and speak to Henry. He will give you a selection of missions to complete, but in order to unlock the ability to change your appearance, you'll only need to finish one of them.

Complete the Bank Headquarters level, return to the Campus settlement and talk to Joshua Summers. He will then be available as a vendor back at the White House.

What Features Can You Change in The Division 2?

Gaining access to Joshua Summers, the barber, will allow you to change:

  • Beard
  • Hair
  • Tattoos
  • Vanity appearance

You cannot change any other facial features at the time of writing in The Division 2.