Devil May Cry 5 Microtransactions PS4

As you can see from the image embedded above, Devil May Cry 5's microtransactions are now live on PlayStation 4. You can access the pictured page from the game's main menu, or you can get to it through the PlayStation Store.

So, what's for sale? Well, honestly, not much, and that's probably a good thing. Back when it was confirmed that microtransactions would be a factor in Devil May Cry 5, there was instant speculation over whether Capcom would fill the thing with grinding so that you'd be pushed towards spending real money, but going by what's available right now, it's nothing too nefarious.

We've got blue orbs and red orbs up for grabs. Blue orbs are collected in order to obtain permanent health boosts, while red orbs are used to buy in-game skills and ability upgrades.

There's only one option when buying red orbs, and that's to buy them 100,000 of them at a time. That's actually a sizeable amount.

There are three options for blue orbs: you can buy one, three, or five of them. That equates to one, three, or five extra health segments. We're not sure if there's any limit to how much health you can actually have in Devil May Cry 5, but it'd be a bit weird if you're able to buy a crazy amount of these things in order to make your characters borderline invincible. Is it pay to win? Well, Devil May Cry 5's a single-player game, so... We guess not? We're not gonna tell you how to spend your money.

Anyway, that's what's on offer right now. Unless Capcom's stealth-patched red orb gain since we reviewed Devil May Cry 5, you get a pretty generous amount of orbs throughout the campaign. We played the whole thing twice and ended up with more than enough.

What do you make of this? Spill some orbs in the comments section below.