Anthem PS4 Crash

This ANTHEM story has blown up over the last few days, and it doesn't show any signs of slowing down. In case you missed the news, ANTHEM currently has an issue on PS4 where the game can suddenly crash, and we're not talking about it just booting you back to the system menu -- we're talking full-on shutdowns that can do permanent damage to your console, as if you've just cut the power.

The word 'unacceptable' immediately springs to mind, but at least BioWare appears to be taking this seriously. The latest update, according to head of live service Chad Robertson, is that the developer is "working closely with Sony" and has engineers working on a fix. Hopefully it's a problem that'll soon be solved.

In the meantime, we'd seriously think twice about playing ANTHEM on PS4. While these crashes may be a rarity, is it really worth risking your system? We've seen enough reports online to suggest that no, it probably isn't.