Apex Legends, the anticipated free-to-play first-person shooter from Titanfall 2 developer Respawn Entertainment, is out now on the PlayStation 4. Available to download globally from the PlayStation Store, the title promises a new kind of Battle Royale experience, as the studio’s knack for kinetic controls takes centre stage.

You’ll be a participant in the Apex Games, fighting in an arena from a level playing field. “All competitors are equals, and the Legends are evenly matched in terms of strength, speed, and firepower,” wrote EA’s Ashley Reed on the PlayStation Blog. "It’s their abilities that set them apart, so you’ll want to pick the Legend that matches your preferred playstyle and complements your squad.”

Squads comprise a big part of the action, as you’ll need to work alongside your teammates to overwhelm the opposition. Interestingly, a system which allows you to quickly mark points of interest and items will allow you to swiftly communicate with your teammates – you’ll even be able to drop a flag when you’re downed, which can then be taken to a Respawn Beacon by a buddy to get you back in the game.

As is the case with most Battle Royale titles, there’s one map at launch named King’s Canyon. But the title will be updated over time, with the first season set to kick off in March. As with Fortnite, there’ll be a Battle Pass available, allowing you to unlock additional cosmetic items through gameplay. You can learn more from the videos embedded above.

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