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Shawn Layden may be underfire in the media for his comments on console cross-play this week, but he’s got nothing but good things to say about PlayStation’s competition. Asked about both Microsoft and Nintendo during his DICE keynote, the Worldwide Studios chairman was refreshingly complimentary about the Xbox One and Switch.

“I think Nintendo’s doing wonderful things with the Switch, and the platform,” he beamed. “It’s blurring the lines between home and on-the-go gaming.” He had similar praise for Phil Spencer and his team: “What they’ve done recently with the introduction of an adaptive controller, to increase accessibility in gaming, is a wonderful innovation.”

In fact, Layden went as far as to say that he’s no longer going to refer to PlayStation’s rivals as “competing platforms” moving forwards. “I think we’re all supporting and leading an entertainment revolution of gaming,” he concluded. “Y’know, all hands to the till. We’re all in this together.” Amen.