Metro Exodus Ps4 Patch Input Lag

Metro: Exodus has a handful of notable issues on PS4, one of the most common complaints being that the controls are rather unresponsive and stiff at times. Some players reckon that input lag is definitely a factor, throwing off aim and giving the game a sluggish feel overall.

Thankfully, developer 4A Games is looking to address the problem with an upcoming hotfix, and then a full patch. The former is expected to deploy next week.

Here's the official word from the studio on the subject: "We are aware that some players are reporting that the controls on console don't 'feel' right, and we are investigating these reports as a priority. Metro: Exodus is by design not a 'twitch shooter' but gamepad controls should feel responsive, accurate and free from excessive lag / latency. We are testing a range of tweaks and adding a new sensitivity preset that will be deployed in the hotfix, and we will further refine these in the following patch."

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