Metro Exodus What Difficulty Modes Are There? PS4 1

Previous games in the series, Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light, were famed for their brutal difficulty when you cranked things up on harder modes. The Ranger mode has been synonymous with the franchise, and it makes a return in its third instalment. Here are the difficulty modes included in Metro: Exodus.

What Difficulty Modes Are There in Metro: Exodus?

Difficulty Mode Unlocked from the beginning? Description
Reader Yes This mode is designed for those players who feel they're not quite ready for the challenges presented by the world of Metro yet, and would rather just take in the story and atmosphere of the journey undertaken by Artyom and his friends. At this difficulty level, the combat is simplified, while ammunition and other essentials are plentiful.
Easy Yes Recommended for FPS novices.

Combat will not be too challenging, ammunition and resources are in plentiful supply.
Normal Yes Recommended for regular FPS players.

You will need to closely watch your ammo and filter supplies, and approach every combat scenario with extreme caution.
Hardcore Yes Recommended for experienced FPS players.

Every encounter presents a serious challenge to your skill and tactics. Ammo and resources must be jealously guarded. Success cannot be guaranteed...
Ranger Hardcore Yes Makes the game more challenging by turning off the targeting reticle and generally minimizing HUD presence, limiting player's ammo reserves, increasing combat difficulty, and making the enemies more aware. In addition to that, makes player's weapons degrade faster, at the same time making the workbenches they could be fixed upon scarcer.

Which difficulty mode will you be playing Metro: Exodus on? Sneak about in the comments below.