Anthem Combos Guide

ANTHEM's ability combo system is one of the best things about its combat. By hitting enemies with one ability after another, you can create elemental explosions that deal extra damage. Combos are essential on harder difficulties, especially if you want to take down tougher enemies that have a lot of health.

But how do combos work in ANTHEM? In this guide, we're going to outline the combo system, and hopefully make it easier to understand.

How combos work in ANTHEM

As mentioned, combos are caused by using certain abilities in sequence.

Here's a quick example:

Step 1: Ranger throws a Frost Grenade. It primes the enemies that it hits
Step 2: Ranger, or a teammate, hits those enemies with another ability that detonates them, causing combo explosions

It's this simple, two-step process that determines a combo.

However, not all abilities prime and detonate enemies to form combos.

What are primers and detonators in ANTHEM?

Primers and detonators are types of abilities to either prime or detonate targets.

To find out whether an ability is a primer or a detonator, head over to The Forge (the loadout menu). In the abilities section, where you equip your abilities, look at the top left corner of their information box, directly to the left of the ability's name.

You'll either see one of two symbols, or nothing but the name.

  • No symbol: If there's no symbol, this means that the ability is neither a combo primer, or a combo detonator -- it just deals straight damage.
  • Circle symbol with a dot inside of it: This symbol means that the ability is a combo primer. Use this ability to prime your enemies.
  • Spiky symbol with four points: This symbol means that the ability is a combo detonator. Use this ability to detonate enemies who are primed.

Are there different combos in ANTHEM?

Yes, combos differ depending on the Javelin that you're using.

  • Ranger: Combos deal more damage to a single enemy, making Rangers good against boss-like foes
  • Colossus: Combo damage is spread out as an area of effect, making the Colossus good against large groups of enemies
  • Storm: Combos jump to nearby enemies, spreading out the damage. This makes Storms good against smaller groups of enemies
  • Interceptor: Combos give the Interceptor an elemental aura, which you can then use to damage other enemies. This makes Interceptors good for more tactical combo decisions