Sony may not know how to market Dreams just yet, but creator DISARMED has been doing the platform holder’s job. You’ll recall the first-person shooter we posted earlier in the week, but if you wanted to see some of their more realistic creations in motion, then take a look at the video. Obviously, the beta has only been available a month, so everything that you’re seeing is a work in progress – but may we remind you this is an amateur working with a DualShock 4.

We’ve played the majority of these levels and can confirm they’re legit and run within the framework of Media Molecule’s Bubble Engine. No, we don’t know how it’s being done either, but consider that this has all been achieved within a few weeks. Just imagine where we’re going to be a year or two after launch.

Oh, and just quickly, take a look at these freakin' fried eggs by Dirty Harolds:

Just incredible!