We're big fans of Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends, and not just because they're both brilliant platformers. Part of what makes them great is their sumptuous visuals, the UbiArt engine creating a look that ensures both titles are constantly a joy to look at. It's a style we don't see all that often, but indie title Unruly Heroes has it nailed, and it's gorgeous.

Unruly Heroes recently launched on other systems, and it looks like a promising action platformer for up to four players. Each taking control of a unique character, you'll work together to conquer each level, with a heavier emphasis on combat evident in the above trailer. The painterly visual style is the cherry on top of what looks like a fun co-op beat 'em up with some platforming thrown in the mix.

It's heading to PS4, though no date has yet been provided. What do you think of Unruly Heroes? Don't get unruly in the comments below.

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