It's nearly time for Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, and it feels like Bandai Namco is putting out a new trailer pretty much every day in the run up to launch. The latest video on the arcadey flight action game focuses on multiplayer. We already know a bit about the game's online offerings, but it's neat to see it in motion too.

The online multiplayer in AC7 consists of two modes: deathmatch (here called battle royale), and team deathmatch. It plays out very similarly to the rest of the game, only you'll be dogfighting with wily human players. You can load out your planes with skins, specific weapons, and parts that improve stats, and you can even choose a corny callsign. What's not to like?

Also shown is the fluid ranking system for each match. Basically, you can earn up to three stars based on your performance, but the more stars you have, the more points you're worth to your enemies, making you the primary target. It's a clever little idea that should create a nice ebb and flow to online encounters.

Ace Combat 7 hits PS4 on 18th January 2019. Are you excited to take to the skies? Fire off a couple of missiles into the comments below.