PS4 PlayStation 4 Dynamic Theme Truant Pixel 1

They can be hard to come by, but who doesn’t love a good PlayStation 4 theme? Truant Pixel has been cranking out quality animated wallpapers since the beginning of time, but it seems the fine folks at PlayStation Europe have uncharacteristically put their collective foot down when it comes to bad ass backgrounds like the recently announced synth wave bundle.

According to the American developer, SIEE is “very strict” with themes, and will only allow ones that are representative of a game. A quick browse through the UK PlayStation Store confirms this to be the case, although it seems like some developers have found a loophole by releasing cruddy Breakout clones in order to get their equally cruddy themes up for sale.

We can somewhat understand Sony’s stance here: the PlayStation 3 became a laughing stock with its streams of terrible avatars and wallpapers, but it’s clear that Truant Pixel – who’s been releasing amazing themes for years now – is here to do quality work, and it should be allowed to sell its stuff globally. The one small positive here is that the PS4 is region free.