The second anniversary livestream for Final Fantasy XV is over, and to be frank it was one heck of a weird show. Square Enix opened by telling us that three of the four previously announced DLC character episodes have been cancelled. Episode Aranea, Episode Lunafreya, and Episode Noctis have all been axed. Episode Ardyn, meanwhile, is still in development, and is set to release in March 2019. You can watch its teaser trailer above. What's more, an Episode Ardyn animated short will launch prior to the episode.

The cancellation of those three additional scenarios comes courtesy of the developer's recent refocusing, which cost the company a hefty $33 million. Apparently, in-house studio Luminous Productions is now set on creating big budget titles only, so we guess that the DLC episodes just didn't fit the bill.

On top of all this, it was also revealed that Hajime Tabata, the director of Final Fantasy XV, has left Square Enix to pursue his own business. A letter from Tabata was read out on stream, in which he thanked the publisher, the development team, and fans of the game for all of their support.

Thankfully, the seemingly bad news ended there. Final Fantasy XV: Comrades is still getting a standalone release, and there's a Final Fantasy XIV crossover event coming to Final Fantasy XV in the near future. We've embedded the latter's trailer above, which features Noctis with cat ears.

And that's about it for the Final Fantasy XV second anniversary livestream, and, by the sounds of it, that's about it for Final Fantasy XV in general. What do you make of all this? Were you looking forward to the additional character episodes, or are you well and truly done with the game? Go for a drive in the comments section below.