Sony PS5 PlayStation 5 Rumours 1

It’s all kicking off. Sony has shocked us by announcing that it’s not attending E3 2019 at all, and it’s resulted in a slew of speculation about the PlayStation 5 and what’s going on behind-the-scenes. Kotaku reports that, “based on conversations it’s had with developers across the industry”, the Japanese giant’s next-generation console is not set to release until 2020.

However, one Reddit rumourmonger, who was the first to break the E3 2019 story, reckons that PS5 development kits are already in the hands of studios, and it’s a “beast” apparently. This is supported by a separate Square Enix story, where an artist at Luminous Productions accidentally revealed that the team is working on a new IP for the next-gen console.

RuthenicCookie, who appears to be enjoying his five minutes of fame, claims that the console is codenamed PSV, and that there’ll be two PlayStation Experience-style events next year, one of which will take place in mid-2019 when it’ll officially unveil the system. According to the so-called “insider”, the new console's controller will include a camera for improved virtual reality tracking.

Of course, with Sony staying schtum, it’s impossible to verify any of this information – it could be legit, or it could be nonsense. We believe that developers definitely do have access to PS5 development kits, and we also reckon the console will launch in 2020 – but we’re uncertain of whether that will be earlier in the year, like March, or in the traditional pre-Christmas slot.

We suspect this story is going to run and run and run now. Stick with us, folks – we’re in for a bumpy ride.