red dead redemption 2 quickly make money guide 1

How do you make money in Red Dead Redemption 2? Trust us, you'll be making a lot of money throughout the game, but for the first ten hours or so, things can be rough. When Arthur and the gang are laying low, saving up a decent amount of money can be difficult, especially when there are no big jobs on the go. As such, you'll be forced to stick to more simplistic work for a while -- but some jobs pay much better than others.

How to quickly make money early in Red Dead Redemption 2

Making money in Red Dead Redemption 2, again, isn't especially easy in the early hours of the game. If you want to add to your wallet, you're going to have to get stuck into some lesser jobs here and there. Below, we've outlined the best ways to make money in the opening hours of Red Dead Redemption 2.

  • Hunting in the Heartlands - The heartlands are home to a lot of deer, rabbits, and even bison. This vast and open area is yours to explore early in the game and it's just outside of the gang's camp. Ride out there and hunt deer for their pelts, and if you're lucky, find a herd of bison and take one out. You're going to need a lot of pelts to make a sizeable amount of money, but hunting is still a consistent way to bring in profit. You can sell the pelts at the butcher in Valentine. What's more, you can also sell the meat, or donate it to the camp so that everyone's better fed. Your choice.
  • Wipe out gang camps - Unlike in other open world games, enemy camps aren't always displayed on your map -- you'll have to go out and find them, and they're not always in the same place. When roaming the heartlands, keep your eyes open for smoke rising into the sky -- you can see smoke from miles away as long as the skies are clear and the clouds are white. Find where the smoke is coming from and you'll likely find a camp of some kind. If you're lucky, it'll be a gang camp, and you can kill the enemies that are resting there. Loot their bodies to find jewellery and other valuables that you can sell to a fence for a good amount of money. The first fence that you unlock is in a place called Emerald Ranch, which is in the south of the Heartlands, and this happens as you progress the story.
  • Hijack stagecoaches and wagons - Progress through several early story missions in the game and you'll unlock your first fence at Emerald Ranch. You can sell stolen or looted valuables to this guy, but that's not all. If you see a stagecoach or wagon out in the wilderness, you can threaten or kill the person driving it and steal it. Drive it to the big barn at Emerald Ranch and you'll be given a chunk of money in exchange. You'll get anywhere from $20 to $40 for each stagecoach or wagon that you bring in. Just make sure that you're not spotted when stealing the thing to begin with.
  • Rob a store - Robbing stores in Valentine is a quick way to earn a chunk of cash, but it's also very risky early in the game. You're almost definitely going to get a bounty put on your head, and you may get killed by the law before you even make it out of town. Still, if you're desperate for dollars and feeling lucky, it might be worth a shot.
  • Sell horses - You'll sometimes find wild horses roaming the Heartlands. Calm them or lasso them in order to mount and then break them. Once you've got a horse under control, you can take them to the stables in Valentine and sell them for a decent amount of money. You can also sell stolen horses at stables, but you won't get as much for them.