All PlayStation Classic Mini Games Guide 1

Sony’s PlayStation Classic Mini console will come pre-loaded with 20 iconic PSone games, and we’ve compiled the full list of games that you’ll be getting as part of the package. With the full lineup of software confirmed, the platform holder's assembled a large and varied lineup of software, which spans everything from legendary Namco brawler Tekken 3 to JRPG Hall of Famer Final Fantasy VII and much more in between. Read on for all the PlayStation Classic Mini’s games, and don't forget that you can find out where to buy and pre-order the PlayStation Classic Mini console through the link.

1. Battle Arena Toshinden (PS1)

A PSone launch game that has a significant place in PlayStation lore due to Sony billing it as a ‘Saturn Killer’ – despite it later being ported to SEGA’s system. The game originally was up against the likes of Virtua Fighter, but it would go on to pave the way for titles like Tekken and Soul Edge. It hasn’t exactly aged well – some would say it wasn’t great in 1995, either – but its historical importance cannot be overlooked.

2. Cool Boarders 2 (PS1)

The late 90s are renowned for their obsession with Xtreme Sports, but before Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and SSX, there was Cool Boarders. Originally developed in Japan by UEP Systems, Sony would eventually take control of the series for its third and fourth instalments, but the second game, with its anime-inspired characters and slick arcade gameplay, was ahead of the curve in many ways. It was a big seller, and helped to create a market on console for future board-based sports games.

3. Destruction Derby (PS1)

This rough and ready racer from Psygnosis is fondly remembered for its chaotic racing that encouraged high speed collisions. Cars would take more than just superficial damage, too – you had to worry about damage to your handling, the engine, and more as you bashed your way to victory. Its inclusion on the PlayStation Classic is no surprise; it's a fan favourite for its fun, unique, and boisterous brand of vehicular action.

4. Final Fantasy VII (PS1)

Arguably the most famed JRPG of all time, Final Fantasy VII was significant because it saw developer Square move production from the Super Nintendo to the PlayStation. Leveraging the additional storage space of the fledgling CD-ROM format, the title used ground-breaking full-motion video and polygonal graphics to tell one of the genre’s most beloved yarns, with protagonist Cloud Strife and his iconic Buster Sword recognised around the world.

5. Grand Theft Auto (PS1)

The Grand Theft Auto series has come an awfully long way since its first incarnation, but that doesn't mean this game is short on Rockstar's trademark bite. This birds-eye view of the series' now-iconic cityscapes provides a miniature playground for you to carry out dastardly deeds as you aim to rake in huge amounts of cash. GTA is a force of nature these days, so it's great that we're able to see where it all began with its inclusion on PS Classic.