16. Syphon Filter (PS1)

Who doesn't love Gabe Logan? Produced by the team now known as Bend Studio, Syphon Filter is a first party action game beloved by PlayStation fans. With advanced visuals for the time and a great mix of stealth and all-out action, there's a reason you still hear cries for a new entry in the series today. There's also a wide variety in locations, some of which provide some puzzles to solve as well as goons to shoot. Sony may not be interested in creating new games in the franchise, but it's great to see it recognised on PlayStation Classic, as that's exactly what this game is.

17. Tekken 3 (PS1)

Tekken 3 is arguably the most fondly remembered in the series, and it's not hard to see why. The arcade fighter was a huge success on PSone, becoming one of the platform's best-selling titles. It introduced a huge cast of new characters and additional modes like Tekken Force and Tekken Ball. However, it's perhaps best known for simply being an ultra-tight fighting game with responsive controls that are easy to pick up, but hard to master.

18. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six (PS1)

Still a huge brand today, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six got its tactical shooting start on the PSone all the way back in 1998. While its first-person shooter gameplay is heavily outdated by modern standards, it’s fascinating to see how far this genre has come. Much like its modern contemporaries, the original game spotlights stealth and tactics ahead of all-out action, and while it’s massively dated, there’s still satisfaction to be had in planning the perfect mission even today.

19. Twisted Metal (PS1)

The 90s will be remembered for a few things: Spice Girls, Tamagotchis, Screech from Saved by the Bell, and car combat games. You may not believe it, but blowing up cars was the Call of Duty of its day – and Twisted Metal was the best in the business. Casting you as all kinds of crazy characters – including an ice cream truck driving killer clown – this game is a kind of vehicular spin on the arena shooters that ruled the roost on PC at the time. It looks and plays pretty poorly these days, and many would agree that its sequel is the better game, but Twisted Metal is one of Sony’s oldest franchises so it deserves its place for historical reasons.

20. Wild Arms (PS1)

Pre-dating Final Fantasy VII by a few weeks in its native Japan, Sony commissioned Media.Vision to create a JRPG that would blend traditional genre staples with cutting-edge 3D graphics. It ended up developing Wild Arms, a turn-based Western-themed escapade which utilised familiar 2D visuals during exploration and groundbreaking 3D presentation in battle. The series would go on to spawn multiple instalments across various PlayStation platforms, with its core concept of weaponised machinery named ‘ARMs’ being a through point between entries.

Which PlayStation Classic Mini game are you most looking forward to replaying? Are there any titles that you're disappointed to see missing? Mime the PSone's thunderous start-up sound in the comments section below.