Battlefield V Firestorm Battle Royale PS4 PlayStation 4

Battlefield V is on the brink of its official release on 20th November, but one aspect of the shooter that'll be absent at launch is its battle royale offering, Firestorm. This mode, developed by Criterion, will be coming to the game next year in March. It's an interesting decision, because with so many competitors vying for our attention, you'd think EA would want to provide a battle royale experience from day one.

Anyway, it sounds as though Firestorm may struggle to match up to the likes of Fortnite or even Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 in terms of player count, at least when it eventually launches. The battle royale genre standard is 100 players, and while Black Ops 4 doesn't quite measure up with its player count of 88, it sounds like Battlefield V's mode will, strangely, have the lowest number of competitors in each match.

"The current target is 64 players," live service development director Ryan MacArthur has told VG247. "With Firestorm, one of the key things is that it needs to feel like it’s Battlefield."

As a franchise famed for its large scale battles and high number of players, it seems unusual to imagine that Battlefield V's Firestorm will feature the lowest player count of the major battle royale games. We're sure it could increase over time; games are ever-shifting things these days, after all.