Subnautica PS4 PlayStation 4

We've known that Subnautica will be swimming to PS4 for a while now, but we've still had no official confirmation of a release date. The underwater, open world survival game made a big splash on PC, so it's exciting to see it sail across to Sony's console -- but when will it hit the shore?

Well, a handful of online retailers have the physical version of the game listed, and across them all is a release date: 7th December 2018. Below you can see a screenshot taken from UK store GAME's website, but it's not the only one -- Amazon, Target, and Best Buy all suggest the same date.

Subnautica GAME Release Date PS4 PlayStation 4

There's a chance that this is simply a placeholder, but it's a little too specific for that. It's likely that this is the date -- now we just need the official word.

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