MediEvil PS4 PlayStation 4

Since the announcement of MediEvil on PS4 at last year's PSX, it hasn't been entirely clear whether Sir Dan's revamped adventure would be a simple remaster or a full-blown remake. It's almost been a year since we've heard anything concrete about the project, and with only a brief teaser trailer to go on, fans of the series have been left wondering exactly what to expect.

Thankfully, PlayStation top brass Shawn Layden clarified this when he dropped into the latest episode of the PlayStation Blogcast. After confirming a new trailer will land rather aptly on 31st October, he recognised there had been some confusion as to what the PS4 game will be. In short, it's a full scale remake: "There have been some words that might sound alike but mean different things, like remake and remaster. This is a remake," he confirms. Sony is working with a studio called Other Ocean Interactive, providing design details and assets from the original PSone game in order to bring it back to life on modern tech.

It also sounds like the voice of Sir Dan will indeed be making a return, as Layden also states Sony is bringing back some of the folks who originally worked on the PSone classic.

So, there it is: MediEvil on PS4 will be a proper remake. Are you excited for Sir Dan's return? Try not to lose your jaw in the comments below.