MediEvil Remake PS4 PlayStation 4

As promised last week on the PlayStation Blogcast, Sony big wig Shawn Layden has returned to the show in the latest episode to provide an update on MediEvil for PS4. While he doesn't go into very much detail, he does give a couple of things to chew on that fans will assuredly be happy to hear.

Firstly, Layden clears up exactly what this project is. "There have been some words that might sound alike but mean different things, like remake and remaster. This is a remake," he confirms, stating that they're working with a studio called Other Ocean Interactive and the original PSone game's design and assets to resurrect the fan favourite action title. Layden also says Sony is working with "some of the talent that was originally associated with the title 20 years ago," which sounds to us like Sir Dan's original voice actor is back, as was hinted at earlier in the week.

Secondly, the Worldwide Studios chairman confirmed that we'll be getting a brand new trailer for MediEvil on Halloween -- that's next Wednesday. "It's coming up, right? It's Dan's favourite day of the year -- it's gonna be Halloween next week on the 31st. We thought that would be a good time to drop a trailer on the internet."

So there you have it: we'll be seeing a little more from the MediEvil remake in just a few days. Are you excited to see how it's shaping up? Put a bucket on your head in the comments below.