MediEvil PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Jason Wilson, the voice of MediEvil protagonist Sir Daniel Fortesque, has left a big hint that he will be reprising his role for the forthcoming PlayStation 4 remake. The former Sony employee – who co-created the game with James Pond maker Chris Sorrell – posted a photograph on social media of him wearing a bucket. He included the caption: “The things that I do to prepare for some jobs.”

For those of you who don’t know, Wilson recorded his lines as Sir Dan through gritted teeth and with a bucket on his head, with the end result being the kind of muffled mumbling that made the gallant hero famous in the first place. Even better is that, while the veteran also lent his larynx to the PSP’s MediEvil Resurrection, the insinuation that he’s recording new lines suggests this may be a full remake.

We’ll apparently learn more very soon.