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What’s the most underrated PlayStation production of all time? Puppeteer’s got to be on that list somewhere. The stunning Japan Studio developed platformer launched right at the end of the PlayStation 3’s lifecycle, and frankly should have been a PlayStation 4 launch title instead of Knack. It’s been lost to the annals of time, but we’ve long felt some kind of remaster is overdue.

It’s unlikely, but Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida has perhaps provided a nugget of hope for fans of the franchise. Asked whether there was any chance of Kutaro making a comeback on PlayStation VR, the executive simply responded, “Hmmm.” The fan also included Echochrome in his query, which was an Escher-esque PS3 puzzler all about perspective.

We reckon both series would work well in virtual reality, although the latter would have to be completely retooled. It’s worth remembering that there was an Echochrome 2 released for PlayStation Move, which was all about light and shadow, so we’re sure that the ever-imaginative Japan Studio could come up with something.

Personally, we second the shouts for these franchises to make a comeback. While we’re obviously fond of Sony making new games, neither of these brands quite got their dues last generation, and deserve a second shot at the limelight – whether it’s with PSVR or not. Yoshida is inundated with requests on social media and doesn't respond to them all, so maybe there’s something in the offing here.

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