Red Dead Redemption 2 ain’t the only fastest finger in town, as Call of Juarez: Gunslinger wants to be a part of the conversation. Techland’s underrated PlayStation 3 shooter used the unreliable narrator technique to good effect, providing an arcade campaign constantly changing as protagonist Silas Greaves revised the details of his tales from the Wild West.

And in a new 27-second video published by Techland, the character is back with a message for Arthur Morgan, the star of Rockstar’s upcoming game. “Legends, y’know, they never die,” he tells the character. “They change and come back stronger than ever.” Is this a hint at some kind of remaster? The franchise’s Facebook page has also been updated.

Call of Juarez was originally owned by Ubisoft, but Techland acquired the rights to the series from the French publisher earlier in the year, paving the way for some kind of comeback. We’d be shocked if this doesn’t result in a PlayStation 4 remaster – especially with Red Dead hype about to hit an all-time high. It just feels like the right time.