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Battlefield V is, frankly, looking a bit messy heading into launch. Recently, DICE even produced a quick guide to explain how its new WW2 shooter all stacks up, such is the fragmented nature of its release. In case you thought it couldn't get much more complicated, the developer is back to talk about currencies, of which there are two types in the game.

Battlefield V Currencies Microtransactions PS4 PlayStation 4

The first is called Company Coin, and this is earned in-game by playing matches and climbing the ranks. It can be used to unlock skill tree upgrades, new weapons, and vehicles, as well as cosmetic items. There's also Battlefield Currency, which is what you can buy with real world money. Before you relight your torches and dust off your pitchforks, this one can only be used to purchase cosmetics. In other words, the microtransactions in Battlefield V aren't pay-to-win, they're just pay-to-look-cool.

So there you have it: microtransactions will have no impact on the shooter's gameplay. Are you pleased to hear this, or are you miffed about the mere presence of in-game purchases? Buy yourself something nice in the comments below.

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