Fortnite How to Search Between Movie Titles Guide 1

Searching between movie titles is one of the Week 10 challenges in season four of Fortnite.

Complete it and you'll get a bunch of XP that goes towards those tasty season four Battle Pass rewards.

In this guide, we'll detail the exact location of the treasure you have to find to complete this challenge. 

Once you've completed it, you can move on to the other difficult challenge from this week – skydiving through different floating rings.

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How to search between movie titles

Usually, treasure hunt challenges like this one task you with locating a specific location between three points on the Fortnite map. It's often quite easy to see the points mentioned on the map screen itself, but what does it mean to search between movie titles?

Well, head on over to the west side Risky Reels and you'll find a banner with three movies written on it. These movies detail the location of the treasure.

Fortnite How to Search Between Movie Titles Guide 2

That can be found to the east of Junk Junction, between a warehouse and the football stadium. Look for a small patch of dirt by the road that travels between them and run towards it. As long as you own a Battle Pass, you should have no trouble locating the treasure.

Once you've grabbed it, you do have to go on to finish that particular match of Fortnite, or it won't count and you'll have to do it all over again. Don't be that guy.