One of those games that you don't hear too much about here on the 'net but has been a huge success story, Ghost Recon: Wildlands is receiving another large, feature-rich update next week. Ubisoft's been diligent in its support for the co-op-based stealth shooter, and this upcoming patch boasts yet more welcome additions.

To start with, the newly introduced Ghost Mode will enable permadeath, meaning that if you're killed, it's game over, and you'll have to start the game from scratch. In this mode, friendly fire is also enabled, and you'll discard any ammo that's in your magazine when you reload. It sounds like a truly hardcore way to experience the release, although it's worth pointing out that you can make use of Ghost Mode on any difficulty.

On top of that, Solo Mode will let you turn off your computer controlled allies entirely, so that it's just you versus the world in single-player. What's more, the update promises additions and tweaks to Ghost War, the title's player-versus-player component.

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