What are the best PS4 games of E3 2018? We’re keeping tabs on everything that’s being announced in Los Angeles this week, and collating all of our favourites to bring you a definitive list of the top PlayStation 4 titles on display at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. Want to know which new PS4 releases are setting our hearts aflutter? Read on.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey

It may look an awful lot like Assassin's Creed Origins (and we do mean an awful lot). but given just how great Ubisoft's previous effort was, we have high hopes for Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Going deeper down the RPG rabbit hole, Odyssey's got dialogue options, more loot, and more stats. It's also more expansive than its predecessor in scope, boasting huge battles, both on land and at sea. Honestly, we thought we'd be burned out after spending so long with Origins over the last year or so, but we're raring for another historical adventure after seeing Odyssey strut its stuff at E3.

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Beat Saber

It’s pulling in enormous audiences on YouTube, and now Beat Saber is officially coming to PlayStation VR. The latest in a growing line of “rhythm violence” games, the title casts you as a lightsaber wielding electropop icon, as you cut through blocks to the beat of bangin’ tunes. The game’s neon aesthetic is agreeable enough, but it’s the combinations of visuals, audio, and motion that make this one of E3 2018’s standout games.

Concrete Genie

This new adventure from developer Pixelopus has always had an interesting premise, but new footage from E3 2018 has really cemented its position as another very exciting PlayStation 4 exclusive. Concrete Genie tasks you with painting your very own masterpieces on the walls of a dilapidated village, including colourful monsters that will interact with the world around you. It combines creative expression with puzzle platforming, and it looks utterly enchanting. Don't sleep on this one: it absolutely deserves your attention.


It’s been far too long since Remedy released a game on PlayStation platforms, so we’re excited to welcome the Max Payne developer back into the fold. Control, in truth, looks like a spiritual successor to its Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break – except this time it’s got a female protagonist and it’s set inside a mysterious shape-shifting skyscraper named the Oldest House. The good news is that you’ve got supernatural abilities and something the developer calls the Service Weapon – a firearm which changes on demand.

Cyberpunk 2077

We were perhaps expecting to see more of Cyberpunk 2077 during E3 2018 (and at the time of writing, there may still be more to show), but you can at least count on CD Projekt Red to produce a stunning cinematic trailer. Much like superb marketing of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the sci-fi title's incredible re-reveal showcases a fantastically detailed world. Humans with robotic enhancements, down and dirty crime elements, and super slick cars will all play a part in the Polish developer's next role-playing game. We simply can't wait to see more.