Fortnite PS4 PlayStation 4 Cross-Console 1

An E3 2018 story so predictable we could have penned it ten days ago and published it when it was confirmed: Fortnite will not feature cross-console play on the PlayStation 4 as Sony doesn’t allow it. While the Nintendo Switch newcomers will be able to play with Xbox One, PC, and mobile players, any PS4 peasants will be forced to make do with cross-play across PC and mobile only.

This is a story that we’ve been writing about for over a year now, and it’s one of those where the platform holder is between a rock and a hard place: there’s no doubt it looks bad in this case, but it also has the largest install base and the least to gain by supporting it. It’s a lose-lose situation for Sony, a win-win for its competitors, and a pain in the ass for consumers.

What’s the solution? Honestly, we haven’t got a clue – it probably all comes down to how many people truly care.

Update (18:45 BST): It seems if you've also previously played Fortnite on the PS4, you need to create a new Epic account to login on the Switch. This is presumably to protect purchases that may have been made through the PlayStation Network, but we'll try and get some clarification on the matter.