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The whole cross-console conversation has become increasingly tedious since E3 2017, with Microsoft eager to repeat that it’s open to the idea, and Sony casually shutting discussions down – often with silly justifications. But in an interesting twist, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players were actually united for the first time in Fortnite overnight, due to a “configuration issue” that Epic Games now claim has been “corrected”.

To cut a very long story short, Reddit users spotted Xbox Live gamertags populating the co-operative shooter’s servers on the PS4 overnight. While the functionality has now been turned off, the fact that it was accidentally activated is proof that many studios really can have this feature up and running with the push of a button.

Now all that’s left is for Sony to okay it. It won’t, so look forward to the conversation dragging on from now until the end of time with renewed vigour.

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