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Minecraft brings people together, and with a future update, it will bring consoles together. Mojang announced during Microsoft’s E3 2017 press conference last night that it’s unifying the block buster across a variety of platforms: Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, and even phones. The update means that, theoretically, you’ll be able to play with anyone across any of those devices.

Cool, right? The catch is that PlayStation isn’t included, and the safe assumption is that Sony’s the one who said no. Now it’s worth stressing here that we haven’t heard the Japanese giant’s side of the story – that’s surely to come as bigwigs Andrew House and Shuhei Yoshida inevitably get grilled this week – but for the time being it’s a bad look.

But assuming there are no dicey terms on Microsoft’s side, why would the manufacturer say no? Well, it’s simple really: install base is a selling point. Consoles are sold primarily on their features and software, but in these days of online multiplayer, a lot of purchasing intent can be attributed to playing with one’s friends.

Sony may have marketed the PlayStation 4 as a pro-consumer device initially, but now it finds itself the industry leader it’s going to have to do some soul searching it seems. Because the thing is: PlayStation gains little by opening up its sizeable install base to other formats, and only stands to lose one of its largest selling points. And yet, if it doesn’t change its mind, it looks like the bad guy big time.

At the end of the day, support for Minecraft and Minecraft only wouldn’t change much – but once the door is opened, it can’t be closed. And if Sony thinks people buy PS4s to play Call of Duty and Battlefield with their friends, then it’ll probably never allow cross-console play while it's got the largest install base. Ironic really, considering it was the first platform holder to open up online play with PC games.

Should Sony allow cross-console play, regardless of the business factors? Can you understand its stance here, or is it BS all the same? Do you even truly care? Play with everyone in the comments section below.

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