Trailblazers PS4 PlayStation 4

The track-painting anti-gravity racer Trailblazers is out next month on PS4, and it's looking rather promising. By laying down a strip of your team's colour on the track, you give your teammates more opportunity to boost, improving your team's chances in races. This co-operative approach means the game features online multiplayer, but the game's Steam page reveals it goes a step further.

Trailblazers is set to include cross-platform play, something of a sticking point for Sony, and while it's good news, there's a fairly big caveat. PS4 players will be able to join in with PC users, which is great, but if you're hoping to play with your buddies on Nintendo Switch or Xbox One, you're out of luck.

It's still a bit disappointing that Sony refuses to play ball with the other consoles, and frankly, it's not a great look, even when it comes to relatively small games like Trailblazers. At least PS4 and PC gamers can play together -- that's something, right?

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