As speculated earlier in the week, the next Overwatch hero has been revealed: Torbjörn's tough looking not-so little’un, Brigitte Lindholm. That’s not ‘Bridget’ by the way – er, you may want to watch the origins story stray for the pronunciation. It’s kinda like ‘Brie-get’ – the kinda thing you’d say when you gleefully snag a nice fresh wheel of cheese!

Many of you will be familiar with the character from the Honor and Glory animated short last year anyway. The heroine basically grew up learning how to craft cool shiz courtesy of her papa, and now she’s here to kick ass. Unsurprisingly, she’s a support character first and foremost, but she’s being described as a bit of a hybrid because she has tank elements.

This includes her main weapon, the Rocket Flail, which has killer range despite being a melee weapon. She also has a shield, but unlike Reinhardt's, it’s primarily designed for personal use. On the support side, she has a Repair Pack, and she has the ability to heal while using her Rocket Flail, which should encourage players to group around her. We guess?

Last but not least, Brigitte’s Ultimate is called Rally, and it basically gives everyone within its radius armour. She certainly sounds like a handful, and we suspect that Blizzard hopes her introduction will change the way people play (and think) about the popular first-person shooter. Which is cool. There’s no word on when she’ll be available on PS4.

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