Bloodborne PS4 Vicar Amelia PlayStation 4 Boss Guide

More tea, Vicar Amelia? Bloodborne's long haired she-devil requires a similar strategy to the Cleric Beast to defeat, and is perhaps one of the easier enemies in the game thus far. Many of her attacks are doled out from the front, so our top tip is to get in amongst her straggly mane and give her a good swipe on the bottom. Preferably until she dies.

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Your best bet is to stay close to her rump. Create a gap and she'll issue some devastating shockwave attacks; stand directly in front of her and she'll snatch you up and eat you for breakfast. Stay off to the side, dodge to get to her rear, and hit her where it hurts. Remember to take regular stamina breaks, and glug back on a Blood Vial if you need it.

One thing that you do need to be aware of is that she'll turn around on occasion, so even if it feels like you're in a good position, don't get complacent and let her get the upper-hand. Stay close but never face her head-on, and keep working to find that advantage at her six. Be patient, and this battle should be yours in no time.

Have you managed to throw the book at Vicar Amelia yet? Do you have any other hints for offing the wicked witch? Show us what you're made of in the comments section below.