Bloodborne PS4 Martyr Logarius Guides Boss Tips

Martyr Logarius seems like somewhat of an insurmountable wall at first, with explosive magical assaults, incredible speed of movement around the arena, and vicious scythe swipes to complement his arsenal. Luckily, the boss of Bloodborne's Cainhurst Castle has some gaping weaknesses for any attentive hunter to exploit, making this fight easily conquerable with the right strategy.

Bloodborne Guides

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His Attacks

Line of Death: A horizontal line of skulls shoots outwards from his scythe. Easy to dodge by blocking them using the environment, or sidestepping at the right time.

Scythe Combo: Three swings of his two-handed scythe, going left, then right, rounded off with an overhead bash. It's easy to dodge with two quick sidesteps to the left, or by retreating out of range.

Swirling Skulls: Logarius raises his staff, slowly launching a mass of large skulls that slightly track. It's easy to dodge, but this move will leave him open to interruption.

Blast: Logarius will shoot his arms out to the side, creating a powerful blast directly in front of him. Try to stay away from his front, and retreat when you see this move.

You'll see him try to enrage at about 60 per cent health, giving him a red haze that triggers more damage, speed, and additional moves. You can interrupt it with consistent attacks – try to do so for as long as possible.

Rain of Swords: Enrage Only. Logarius stabs his blade into the ground, causing swords to drop from the sky. Strike him quickly to end it, or drop behind cover and wait the onslaught out.

Leaping Strike: Up into the air, down into your face. Massive damage, but easily avoided with a sideways roll. A spinning variant of this can be used during enrage that is just as avoidable, but will cause you to take a lot of pain if it hits.

Make him a Martyr

Martyr Logarius is a man. What are men weak to in Bloodborne? Backstabs, visceral attacks, and staggers via guns. This is how you're going to spend the majority of the fight, using quick reflexes and learning the cues to his attacks in order to counter and chip off big chunks of damage in one go.

Use your gun effectively to parry, and interrupt his hits with sword swipes consistently during the first half of the battle. Your goal is to be more aggressive than your foe initially, dealing damage and mitigating most of what you receive through regain. Shortly before his health bar hits the halfway point, he will attempt to buff his sword and power up – you want to prevent this for as long as possible. Stay on him, using light, one-handed swipes to constantly interrupt the buff going down. Until Logarius is successful, he'll keep on trying, and it's possible to completely finish the fight without him powering up if you keep him staggered long enough.

If he does manage to buff, however, gunshots will no longer stun whatsoever, rendering them mostly useless. The fight gets very tricky here, as you have to spend most of the time avoiding damage, landing light hits whenever possible. It's a goal to have him as weak as possible when he first goes into this more aggressive stage, because it certainly isn't a cakewalk.

25,600 Blood Echoes, the Crown of Illusions, one Insight for discovery and three for Victory are your rewards here. Equip the Crown of Illusions and approach the throne Martyr Logarius once sat on for a cutscene and secret area. Seems like giving everything up for your convictions doesn't pay as well as a good, sharp blade.

Have you killed off the king of Cainhurst Castle? Do you have any additional tips to share? Take to the throne in the comments section below.