Bloodborne PS4 Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos Boss Guide Tips

You took down the Celestial Emissary with no issue, right? The Choir is a joke area, you say? Well, time for some real fun. Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos packs a real challenge and the type of fight that recent zones in Bloodborne have been screaming for. Breaking the window after the previous boss and following the route will take you to the Temple of Despair, where this battle goes down. Be sure to be topped up on Blood Vials, you'll certainly need them going into the second half of this duel.

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Stage One

Bolt Paper is strong against Ebrietas, so be certain to keep your weapon consistently buffed throughout the course of this fight to help ease things along a little more quickly – you'll be thankful to get the latter half over and done with. Sedatives are a smart choice, too.

Ebrietas starts the fight at the opposite end of a gigantic chamber, and you're going to have to trigger her as an enemy the old fashioned way – with a sword to the backside. Pull her back into the centre of the arena so that there's ample space to manoeuvre, and begin whacking away at her tail. If that thing can be considered a tail, of course. Aim to move around her in a clockwise manner, laying one or two heavy blows before repositioning behind her. Try to never let her face you during this stage. Once your foe hits around 55 per cent of her health be wary and slow down – the next stage is going to be intense.

At this stage, top up fully with Blood Vials, re-apply Bolt Paper, and try to unload as much damage as possible in as little time as you can.

Stage Two

Now that this stage is over, Ebrietas will change completely. What was originally a mixture of sluggish melee strikes and lethal but rare long range solutions will become a massacre if not handled correctly. Firstly, she'll execute a spell that will slowly but endlessly drain your health for the rest of the fight, meaning that those Blood Vials will be popped heartily in short order. There's also an Arcane Barrage, summoning myriad homing magical balls that shoot out in three waves; these are easily avoided by constant dodging to the side until their assault is over. Also a risk during the first half of the battle, Ebrietas can spit blood at range, causing an instant Frenzy and draining the majority of health instantly. Avoid at all costs, especially just after dealing with an Arcane Barrage.

Utilise mostly the same tactics as before, laying down as much pain in the shortest time window humanly possible, stopping only to heal and dodge heavy magical attacks. The longer this phase lasts, the less likely you are to, well, survive it at all. With a little luck, and a few attempts to familiarise yourself with cues to the standard melee swipes, this fight should be well within your reach. If not, grab a friend for some jolly co-operation to make things run more smoothly.

Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos rewards victors with 28,800 Blood Echoes and the Great Isz Chalice. Like most late game bosses, three Insight is attained for first discovering her, and another three for beating her.

Have you sent Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos back to where she came from? Do you have any tips for dealing with this threatening foe? Let us know in the comments section below.