Bloodboorne PS4 Micolash, Host of the Nightmare Boss Guide

Micolash, Host of the Nightmare in Bloodborne is a funny chap with a funny hat, and his fight follows as such. Rather than a traditional brawl, or even a slightly less traditional game of hide and seek, this battle will be a chase for the most part, with bits of easy combat splashed in between. This shouldn't be any real kind of struggle for a well equipped hunter.

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The First Chase

You'll be in a large, misty library area with multiple and confusing flights of stairs, rooms, and short corridors. Micolash will confront you, before running for the hills before you can land a hit – follow him mindlessly. As long as you're constantly sprinting after him, none of the murderous dolls that slowly spawn throughout the duration of the fight will catch up at this point.

After a while, he'll turn into a room with a balcony on one side. This is where the first fight will go down. Two dolls will come to life and pirouette towards you, and they're your first port of call to dispatch of with a few quick slashes apiece. They'll reanimate on a timer, but, honestly, this half of the battle should be over before they come back into play.

Micolash only has two attacks at this point: the ability to shoot tentacles from his palm (easily dodged with a single quick dash to either the left or right), and a high powered arcane missile barrage which requires charging. The latter can be interrupted or dodged, for the most part. Both Fire and Bolt Paper are useful here to make things a little quicker, so pop one and just lay into him with a one handed weapon for the additional speed. He'll constantly shoot tentacles, which are easily avoided, and before long he'll be down to 50 per cent of his strength.

Round Two

At this point, the Host of the Nightmare will disappear and flee. Head on up the stairs outside the room that you did battle in, and you'll know you're going the right direction by the clay crossbowmen that will assault you on a circular staircase. Sprint past the enemies so as to not waste any time and continue onwards. Once you see the boss, he'll enter another square room and drop the gates, forcing you to continue on upwards and find a point to drop down after him and continue the fight.

Once you confront Micolash for the second time, he'll add close-range fist attacks to his arsenal. These are possibly the most pathetic boss attacks in the entirety of Bloodborne, with a sublime combination of no range and tiny damage. Excellent. He will really start amping up usage of his arcane missiles, though, and they can one shot an unwitting hunter if dodges aren't used well to mitigate some of the pain. Play the same as before, dodging to the sides from tentacles and fighting aggressively, encroaching on personal space wherever possible. Hit him before he can charge any arcane spells and this fight is yours with ease.

For waking up your foe, 48,400 Blood Echoes and the Mensis Cage (helmet) are your prizes. As always, two Insight are given for discovery and a further two Insight for victory.

Have you awoken Micolash from his nightmare? Do you have any additional tips or tricks to share? Think happy thoughts in the comments section below.