Bloodborne PS4 Darkbeast Paarl Boss Guide Tips

Bloodborne's Darkbeast Paarl can first be encountered blocking the escape route from the Hypogean Gaol. If you're meeting him during the first half of the game, you've likely just experienced an unfortunate case of body snatching and are confused, disorientated, and definitely out of your depth. If you miss your chance to cut Paarl down to size there, however, you can trek back through the Unseen Village later on and experience a much easier fight.

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Rain Fire

Like most bosses in Bloodborne, there are a few really effective ways of defeating your opponent, dependant on both equipment and level. Darkbeast Paarl suffers from an absolutely lovely case of flammability, much to your potential satisfaction. Start hitting him with a combination of Oil Urns and Molotov Cocktails, causing massive damage with each that hits home. Every few attacks, he should collapse to the floor for an extended period of time, beaten and weakened. Use these opportunities to run in and bash away with your strongest two-handed trick weapon. Victory should be yours before long, and you may even avoid having to dodge more than a few attacks.

The Old Fashioned Way

The vast majority of attacks that this foe will unleash on you are a myriad of claw slashes, swipes, and leap attacks. All of these standard attacks can be easily mitigated by either dodging towards him – with the goal of ending up underneath his body itself, or backwards out of his range entirely. What is more of a threat is his charged electric attacks, which can deal worryingly large amounts of damage to any hunter that gets too close. As soon as you notice Paarl starting to charge an attack near his face, get as far away as time will allow. It's possible to stagger him while he's charging these elemental abilities, but often not worth the risk.

Bearing these abilities in mind, your main goal here is to hack away at Darkbeast Paarl's legs, which in short order will cause him to collapse onto the floor, feeble and broken. It's here that you can unleash flurries of attacks until he's fully standing once again, with the potential to stagger him a few times in a row if you're a speedy enough Hunter by damaging multiple limbs. It's very easy to develop a good rhythm here, darting underneath to get some hits in with a two-handed trick weapon and backing away once he moves position or starts charging an attack that can really threaten. While you're underneath him, the majority of his attacks are weak enough to regain and heal through, or completely ineffective.

Be confident and aggressive, and your enemy should fall in short order. For dampening the Paarl's spark, 23,100 Blood Echoes and the Spark Hunter Badge are your prize. You'll also gain one Insight for discovery, and another three for victory.

Have you unplugged the Darkbeast Paarl yet? Do you have any hints that will help others short circuit this amped up enemy? Blow a fuse in the comments section below.