Blood-Starved Beast Bloodborne Boss Guide PS4 PlayStation

Nothing says 'nice and approachable' quite like the name Blood-Starved Beast – but that's because this third Bloodborne boss isn't exactly BFF material. A spindly monster coated with matted fur and dripping with poison, this antagonist's really going to prove a match for your hunting skills. No time to get complacent just yet, readers.

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As with Father Gascoigne, there are two phases to this battle – the first being easier than the second. You need to be aware of the Blood-Starved Beast's speed and reach; it'll contort its body in an effort to hit you, so be cautious and dodge regularly to stay out of the way of its swipes. Again, you're going to want to get behind it if you can, where you can deal some damage.

Setting your weapon to an extended form where possible will help, because the creature can be hard to hit. The key is to take your time and play defensively, only attacking when the opportunity arises. Try to avoid facing it front on because it will bite you if it gets the chance – clearly this foul foe was Luis Suarez in another life.

If you do get chomped then you'll be poisoned, and this is an even bigger problem in the second stage of the fight, when the beast stands on its back legs and starts prancing about. It'll excrete nasty poison from its body so you'll want to stay out of its way. A poison bar above your character's head will begin to fill if you get too close, so make sure that you've got a few antidotes on hand.

You can only carry ten of these life savers, so we'd recommend only using them when the bar is well filled. Instead use Blood Vials to keep your health replenished, as you can hold more of these. Keep playing cautiously, though, and you should finish it off. Charge Attacks aren't going to work in the second phase of the battle as the monster will be enraged, so just stick in the odd jab when you can.

As with everything in Bloodborne, it's not easy – but approach with patience and the right tactics, and you'll see the beast off. Of course, we're only just getting started...

Have you beaten the Blood-Starved Beast yet? Do you have any other tips or tricks? Put on a plaster in the comments section below.