Bloodborne PS4 Father Gascoigne Boss Guide

Good ol' Gazza. No, we're not referring to alcoholic ex-England soccer star Paul Gascoigne, but hunter Father Gascoigne instead. This is the second boss fight that you'll encounter in Bloodborne, and while it's less of a spectacle than the Cleric Beast, it is a bit tougher. There's a Trophy up for grabs if you can beat your rival, so listen up while we drop some tips.

One thing worth being aware of before going into battle with this angry adversary is that he hates the Tiny Music Box, so if you haven't grabbed it yet, follow this video to locate it. You can then equip it and use it to freeze your foe in place, allowing you to land some really good charge attacks and deal some serious damage.

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Assuming that you haven't got the Tiny Music Box, you can still beat this boss. He will stun you if you recklessly swing at him, so we'd recommend attacking twice before quickly dodging out of the way. You can repeat this technique a couple of times if you have decent Endurance statistics, but you'll probably need to back away after that in order to let your stamina recover.

The helpful thing about Father Gascoigne is that he's pretty easy to stun, so if he attacks you, just shoot him with your firearm to slow him down. Honestly, he's not too tough at first – but once his health has depleted about halfway, you'll have to deal with his Beast form. Fortunately, you can still stun him; just wait until he's winding up a big attack to stop him in his tracks.

As with the Cleric Beast, you're best off getting behind Father Gascoigne when he Hulks out, as he has some deadly claw combos which will obliterate you if you face him front on. Try to stay out of the way of his swipe attacks if you can, but don't back off too much, as his leap attack is both deadly and very difficult to dodge.

Another thing to be aware of is that the Tiny Music Box won't help once Father Gascoigne is in his Beast mode, so you may want to switch to Molotov cocktails. The throw animation on these is quite slow, but if you can hit him with a couple right in the kisser, you will do some significant damage. It's worth a try.

Of course, the enemy himself is not the only problem here, as the busy graveyard environment is full of tombstones to get stuck to. Try to stay patient, keep a small but safe distance between your target, and attack when the opportunity arises. Eventually he'll fall, and a Bronze Trophy and Oedon Tomb Key will be yours. Well done!

Have you managed to finish off Father Gascoigne yet? Do you have any other tips? Slaughter your prey in the comments section below.