Death Dealer Prison Bloodborne Yahar'gul, Unseen Village PS4

Bloodborne loves to toy with you like a predator and its prey, and if you get too comfortable, it'll really kick your ass. Case in point: shortly after navigating the Healing Church Workshop, you'll happen upon a couple of Death Dealers. These may have ridiculous names, but the sack wielding nasties are pretty darn bad ass, and if you get killed by one, they'll carry you away to the Death Dealer prison in Yahar'gul, Unseen Village. If you're not ready for it, this is not a great place to be, so you'll want to escape as quickly as you possibly can.

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From your starting position in the prison you'll want to head right and pick up the Thick Coldblood on the corpse. Then go down the stairs and you'll find a Frenzied Coldblood on another dead body. Go back up the stairs and return to your starting position. Take the other exit and head up the stairs, and go through the first door. There'll be some hags waiting for you, but these are pretty easy to kill. You'll find cells in this room filled with henchmen. They'll come to life as you pass by them, so cut them up quick, and loot all of their gear.

Whatever you do, don't go through the cells into the next room, as there'll be two Death Dealers waiting for you, and they will do some serious damage to you if you're not careful. Instead go back to the staircase past the hags that you just decapitated, and head to the top. There are more Death Dealers here, but there's also a lamp on the left hand side. Use it to return to the Hunter's Dream, and get back to safety. If you navigate it well, you'll come out with some decent items. You can use a gravestone to return to this area later once you've levelled up a bit.

Have you visited the Death Dealer prison yet? Did you manage to escape first time? Lock us up in the comments section below.