Bloodborne PS4 Amygdala Boss Guide Tips

You'll see a fair few Cthulhu-esque monsters similar to Amygdala throughout Yharnam, hanging from buildings and chapels like a Lovecraftian rendition of King Kong, but as you approach the end of the Nightmare Frontier zone, the chance to do battle with one presents itself. The fight looks a lot tougher than it is, with the size of your foe probably being the most threatening thing here. Mistakes are easily recovered from, but it's definitely worth learning this fight inside-out early on, because you're going to have to fight our friend at a much higher level while on half health in the Cursed Chalice Dungeon later on.

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Chop Off That Useless Tail

This is the much safer tactic for taking on this eldritch horror, and it really makes for a simple (if a little slow) fight all round. Amygdala has a small tail. You're going to hit it with a two-handed weapon. A lot. That's pretty much the entire fight.

There are only two attacks that will have any potential effect as long as your hunter is positioned directly behind this boss, whacking away at its tail. The first is a stomp, which honestly shouldn't even be considered a threat at all: it has a tiny range and does barely any damage when it does manage to hit. As long as you're close enough to the tail, this will miraculously miss you every single time. Secondly, and much more dangerously, is a leap that can crush and often kill in one or two seconds. In order to dodge, though, simply stand exactly where that tail was until Amygdala jumped, and when it lands you'll be without a scratch. Run back to the tail as soon as your foe lands, and keep on hitting.


No Fear

Both the head and arms are rather susceptible to being struck by well, anything, meaning that this fight can be over with haste if a few risks are taken at various stages of the fight. Ensure to stand either underneath or behind her (retreating to her tail is a good idea when Blood Vials need to be consumed) as much as possible, taking up the tail position explained in the previous tactic to avoid leap attacks when needed.

Focus on the arms, giving precedence to the head whenever it lowers itself enough to become a target, and whenever Amygdala is staggered, go around to the front for an easy visceral attack on that cranium. Honestly, your opponent has low health overall and only a few swipes and stomps that can really damage as long as you're in a good position, so it should be over without much issue. Ludwig's Holy Greatsword is a wonderful choice of weaponry here.

23,000 Blood Echoes, three Insight for discovery, and three for victory, as well as the Ailing Loran Chalice are your rewards.

Have you finished off Amygdala yet? Do you have any top tips for this battle? Wag your tail in the comments section below.