My PlayStation

Sony has today announced My PlayStation, a new service that essentially lets you access various PlayStation Network features away from your console. The Japanese PlayStation Blog states that you'll now be able to search for players, manage your Friends list, and send/receive messages via the new site, which you'll be able to browse from your home computer or favourite device.

We've had a quick play around with My PlayStation, and it does more or less what you'd expect. Once you've signed in, you can view and edit your profile, check out your Friends list, view your Trophies, and manage your messages and notifications. It's a pretty smart site that could come in handy if you're away from your console and need to check on your messages, for example.

Click here to go to the My PlayStation site. Have a play around with it, then come back here and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Update: The European PlayStation Blog has just updated with a post regarding My PlayStation. For the official word on the new website, click here.

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