Metal Gear Survive - How to Manage Your Hunger and Thirst Effectively

Surviving in the harsh and barren world of Dite is perhaps one of the biggest hurdles to overcome in the early game of Metal Gear Survive. With your resources at their lowest, you need to act quick if you're going to thrive in this alternate dimension. Here's how to keep yourself healthy and make the worries of your hunger and thirst gauges dropping a thing of the past.

How to cure your hunger in Metal Gear Survive

Vegetarians may want to look away for this one, because if you're going to live in Dite, your diet is going to be mostly based around meat. Wildlife is everywhere to be seen, but eating the produce raw is going to lead to health problems. This is where the camp fire back at your home base comes into play, as here you can cook the meat in order to release all its nutrients and provide a filling meal. 

However, what you need is constant access to that meat. Side missions will alert you to the presence of wildlife in certain areas, whether they be small animals, medium mammals, or large beasts, but what the game doesn't tell you is that these creatures actually respawn in those same locations. After slaying the initial animals in the region and bringing their meat back to base camp, if you spend enough time resting in a tent, those same animals will have re-appeared ready for another serving. If you repeat this process over and over again, you effectively have an unlimited source of food.

Besides spending a few hours employing this tactic, you'll always find smaller critters such as hedgehogs scurrying around wormhole transporters. Fast travel to every teleporter and you'll have accrued more household beasts than Pets At Home.

Towards the late game, however, sourcing food no longer becomes a major factor thanks to the farming you can do at home base. Lay down some soil and you can begin to grow the likes of onions and potatoes. Just remember to actually assign someone to food production otherwise the seeds will lay there dormant.

Also, don't forget the second tab within the user interface when you're besides the camp fire. Here, you can cook up a stew of everything you've gathered that'll fill you up for an incredibly long time. Perfect for those sightseeing tours of Dite.

How to quench your thirst in Metal Gear Survive

When it comes to sources of water, your biggest obstacle is making sure the liquid is clean. Dirty water does benefit you, but it also poses a risk in that it can lead to constant vomiting which of course stops you in your tracks if you're out running a mission.

Having constant access to clean water won't be achievable until chapter seven, where you unlock the ability to upgrade your camp fire to one that comes equipped with a hanging pot. Now, you can heat all of that dirty water up and get it clean in no time.

Before that event however, it's pretty much just pot luck whether the liquid you find will be safe to drink or not. There's a pond just to the left of your home base that can be used as a source in the early game, but as you progress, it dries up and you must look for other rivers and lakes. Thankfully they are aplenty, but the majority of the time they'll only offer up dirty water. Bottles of clean water can be found throughout the open world, but they're not exactly common.

While Severn Trent Water never make it to Dite, you do gain the ability to build water purification tanks back at home base about halfway through the game. These will spit out clean bottles of water at regular intervals, and much like the hunt for food, your thirst problems are mostly solved by this addition. When you combine the water tanks and purifying dirty water yourself above the camp fire, you'll regularly find yourself setting out on missions with well over 10 bottles of healthy liquid.

Have you found any other useful ways of combating your hunger and thirst in Metal Gear Survive? Serve up a storm in the comments below.