Days Gone PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida casually mentioned back at PlayStation Experience last month that Days Gone is scheduled to release this year, but now the game’s popped up as part of an official ‘What to Look Forward to in 2018’ newsletter. The platform holder’s been sending out play time statistics to fans in North America, and Sony Bend’s open world title is listed bold as brass at the bottom of the email.

To be fair, there are multiple PlayStation 4 exclusives scheduled to release this year – including Detroit: Become Human, Spider-Man, and God of War – but none of them have firm dates. This is because, after various delays earlier in the generation, the manufacturer’s been opting to hold that information back until the last minute. It means that Days Gone could still ship next year, but it certainly seems like the company’s targeting 2018 right now.