PS4 Loot Boxes Sony 1

Uh oh! PlayStation president Andrew House departed recently and has been replaced with John Kodera, a Sony veteran whose previous roles include running Sony Network Entertainment. He’s largely a services guy, which bodes well for future expansion of the oft-maligned PlayStation Network – but it also means he knows a thing or two about microtransactions.

As part of a financial conference call to tie in with the company’s recent sales results, the platform holder talked about how significant the PlayStation Store is becoming to its revenue stream. And it noted that it’s making a helluva lot of money via the sale of microtransactions (or in-app purchases) in third-party games. Sony, of course, takes a cut each time you buy FIFA Ultimate Team packs or similar items.

However, it was noted that on the first-party side, the platform holder’s not really making a whole lot of money from in-game purchases, and under the leadership of Kodera it will be exploring this area. The platform holder obviously already offers microtransactions in games like MLB The Show 17, but it’s not exactly a common theme.

This statement worries us. Last night’s Paris Games Week 2017 press conference yet again highlighted the strength of Sony’s exclusive output, but if the manufacturer’s going to start selling us web refills in Spider-Man and beard shampoo in God of War then, quite frankly, it can do one. Not like this, Kodera – not like this.

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