Much to the dismay of those with sharpened pitchforks eager to put Sony’s feet to the fire over its “abandonment” of PlayStation VR, the Japanese giant’s Paris Games Week 2017 presser proved to be yet another good one for its virtual reality headset. In fact, so many games were shown that we simply don’t have enough time (or manpower) to cover them all individually, so here’s a wee round up for y’all.


In Disruptive Games’ Megalith, you play as a titan with ambitions to become a god. This one’s a hero shooter type affair, where you’ll need to use strategy and skill to survive.

Bow to Blood

From the brilliantly named Tribetoy, Bow to Blood describes itself as an “airborne gladiatorial sci-fi” affair, where you’ll be piloting giant steampunk airships in an effort to become champion of the Arena.


Pilotwings in all but name, Ultrawings is an open island arcade flight simulator for PlayStation VR, filled with challenges for you to complete.

Sprint Vector

Survios’ virtual reality roller-skating racing game Sprint Vector looks like it should buy you a one-way trip to the barf-room, but the developer’s fluid locomotion system promises intense speeds – without any of the sickness.


Eden-Tomorrow is billed as a classic cinematic sci-fi adventure with “many haunting moments, bizarre creatures and events, and levels each with their own unique challenge”.

Star Child

Technically originally announced at E3 2017, Playful Corporation released a new trailer of its upcoming virtual reality side-scroller Star Child.